Should we donate our organs or not ??

Many people, many views , but I believe we should donate our organs before we die. The main questions are Why ? And Why people do not donate ?

Answers to my former question , YES we should donate our organs because of following reasons-

  • To help someone even after our death.
  • Our body and organs become soil or ash after our death , why not to let our organs stay alive in someone’s else body for more 20-50 years.
  • To make good karma.
  • To gift someone happiness by giving them or their love ones new life.
  • We should donate our heart , so that it can beat even our death , especially when you have a good heart.
  • The death rate due to renal malfunctioning is increasing , atleast we can let the children with renal problems grow blessly by donating our kidneys to them.
  • Nowadays the cases of  “blind child birth” is also increasing , we should donate our eyes to make them see this beautiful world.
  • Last but not least , Donating organs add worth to our life even after our death.

Subsequently , the answer to my second question that why there is less participation of community in organ donating ?

  • Because people are unaware that they can add value to their lives by donating organs. 1. It is the responsibility of government to make our community aware  about donating organs by advertising and camps in both urban and rural areas. 2. Educated or aware person should sharr their knowledge about donating with others.
  • The hard procedure- Aware people know the procedure of donating organs is long because of tones of formalities . Govenment should make the procedure little friendly so that more and more people can contribute in organ donating.
  • Religion and belief- Some communities have belief that they need their body after their death such as in egypt. They preserve their body in the form of mummy. But the truth that cannot be denied is that we our soul and soul donot have physical form it is a light.




On the 70th year of our Independence , I want to ask Indians a few questions. 70 years ago, we got our Independence because of our 1000 or more martyrs.. 

  1.    # Do we Indians really care for their martyrdom ???
  2.    # Are we really giving the actul meaning and respect to their martyrdom ??
  3.   # I Want to ask, was it really important to fight for Independence and to let martyrs have martyrdom ??
  •  -What was the reason behind independence from Britishers ?? Was that because of their strict rule and the way they treat workers ?? ……. Please !! Today we Indians are migrating to their nations to work under them by our own wishes . If Indians want to work under them, then why did they ask for independence . They are same , they have same strict rules.. TODAY WE ARE ASHKING OUR GOVT TO ADOPT THEIR RULES. 
  • – What was the reason that Britishers were able to rule in India ?? Our regionalism, castism ,.. Truth is, we indians were the one who let them rule in india. Even after 70 year were are not free from these evils and we can easily let oursiders rule on us… Is there any change ???
  • -In history we studied that Britishers used to smuggle our resources to their nation and today we are selling/ trading our resources to them by giving it title of “BUISNESS“..
  • -Today we are adopting their livingstyle by our own wishes. We are exploting our culture . We Indians are the one who exploit our nation before the outsiders. 

                What’s happening in India is a puzzle which I am unable to solve ,please help me to solve this puzzle and let me know


(Castism, Women empowerment , RESERVATION SYSTEM, etc) .
     —-Raji Gill9

( I don’t intent to criticize anyone. )